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Arrow Laser Fire

Arrow Laser Fire

Price: £239.99

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Ideal for home practice on those awkward missed birds, for Coaches to teach any method of shooting to clients before going to the range, perfect for both wing and clay shooters.

Gives Point Of Aim and Target, twin Lasers display the correct lead. Perfect Gun Swing and correct stopping the gun after firing.


Twin lasers, Point Of Aim & target

Lead is calculated automatically for speed setting

Single target laser

Infinite speed adjustment

Infinite variety of targets, Bolting Rabbit, Springing Teal, Dropping Partridge etc..

If high enough ceilings are available, overhead Pheasants

Direction of target, left, right, up, down

Infinite variety of sight time of the target, from snap shooting, to long crosser

Voice activated or continuous loop

Any method of shooting can be practiced, Maintained Lead, Swing Through, etc..

Any mistakes made, can be seen immediately & corrected, next shot

If you stop the gun after firing, this can be seen immediately & corrected, next shot

For best results use with Arrow Laser Shot.

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